We are a wealth advisory firm, offering recognized expertise in tax, legal, and financial advisory.

Registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Casablanca-South region, MKonsulting, founded by Ms. Mouna Kamali, a Chartered Public Accountant and Auditor, is here to support you in managing your wealth and bringing your investment projects to fruition.

We present a full spectrum of services dedicated to excellence and centered on achieving our clients’ goals. Our tailor-made approach addresses all your needs, whether it’s enhancing asset value or fine-tuning your investments. 

Our steadfast dedication to fostering enduring connections with our esteemed clientele is grounded in our expertise and experience, allowing us to adeptly navigate a constantly evolving landscape.

Our Approach

At the heart of our approach are four key values: Confidence, quality, proximity and Responsiveness.

At the core of our approach lie four fundamental values: Confidence, Quality, Proximity, and Responsiveness. 

We firmly believe that each customer is unique and deserves a tailored solution aligned with their specific objectives. This is why we collaborate closely with you to comprehend your needs and devise a customized strategy to facilitate your success.

Our comprehensive range of services has been meticulously crafted to offer you comprehensive support in managing both your wealth and your business. Our team of consultants is at your disposal to efficiently address all legal, financial, and tax aspects of your investments.

Your success is our foremost priority, and we spare no effort to earn your trust by maintaining close proximity to you and promptly responding to your requirements.

Our Values
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