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Financial Advisory
Our daily lives are increasingly flooded with information that we need to consider in order to make the most thoughtful decisions. The same applies to the choice of financial investments and investment strategies to be deployed in a constantly changing world.

In today’s fast-moving financial environment, it is essential to be able to rely on the advice of demanding, independent, and experienced specialists who are familiar with market fluctuations.

At our firm, we are proud to be counted among the prominent figures in professional circles in Morocco, actively shaping the future of financial industry practices.

Our objective is to help you in the development of an appropriate and efficient investment strategy and seek the best investment opportunity that offers an optimal ratio between risk and return.

Our Solutions
  • Investment advice
  • Management consulting and business strategy
  • Assistance with Stock Market Listing and IPO
  • Financial Transactions advisory (Mergers and acquisitions, sale of companies, transfer of assets…)
  • Life insurance advisory
  • Professional and individual pension advice
  • Investment strategy advice for assets managed by mutual funds and institutional Investors
  • Support in selecting asset management companies, mutual funds and UCITS
  • Support in investment projects (profitability studies and implementation)
  • Independent business evaluation, market screening and proposal of a selection of stocks meeting the desired criteria
  • Restructuring of assets into holding company structures
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