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Statutory Auditing Services
Whether it is to meet a legal obligation or simply to ensure the quality of the financial information produced, we offer you a range of audit missions carried out in accordance with the standards of the Order of Chartered Accountants.

Certifying accounting and financial information means giving third parties confidence in your company and contributing to its development through better risk management. 

In order to contribute to the constant improvement of the quality of your accounting and financial processes, our objective remains the same: to accompany you in complete independence in compliance with our professional standards and our code of ethics.

Our Solutions
  • Certification of corporate and consolidated financial statements
  • Contractual audit (organizational, compliance).
  • Acquisition audit (due diligence), disposal, business valuation.
  • Organizational and strategic audit.
  • Statutory auditing.
  • Merger audit.
  • Audit report on corporate conversion.
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